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12th ESLA Congress

26 septembrie - 28 septembrie

We are delighted to welcome the participants of the 12th ESLA congress in the beautiful city of Bruges, a city with a rich history in Europe.

In particular, we are happy with the theme of this congress. Speech therapists worldwide aim to enhance the quality of life of patients, their parents and partners by giving them what is most human: communication.

Aphasia, language disorders, speech disorders, voice disorders, swallowing disorders, stuttering… take away opportunities for communication, personal development, education, social integration, employment, well-being and quality of life.

Speech therapists apply their knowledge, skills and competence to the best of their ability to help children and adults. At this Europeans congress, we as colleagues share this know-how, clinically and scientifically based.

We wish you a wonderful stay in Bruges and a nice conference.

We are looking forward to welcoming many of you from across Europe to share ideas and have personal contacts.



Ronny Boey PhD – President of the Vlaamse Vereniging voor Logopedisten VVL  (The Flemish Organisation of Speech Language Pathologists)



Nathalie Saczuk – President of the Union Professionnelle des Logopèdes Francophones UPLF (Professional Association of French Speaking Speech Language Pathologists)

Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to ESLA’s 12th European Congress!

We are thrilled to welcome you to Bruges, Belgium, to share, learn, network and improve ourselves in our beautiful profession of Speech and Language Therapy. The power of communication in the quality of life. We often do not realise to what extent our work impacts the lives of individuals with communication and/or swallowing disorders and their significant others. If you have never done it, think about it for a moment. Speech and Language Therapy can make a difference between being employed because one has acquired once again the ability to communicate in one way or another, or being unemployed because of persistent communication difficulties. It can make a difference for the child who is experiencing problems at school because of comprehension difficulties and is now able to follow better what instructions the teacher is giving. It can make a difference because the people around the individual with the disorder have acquired skills on how to better promote and encourage the individual’s communication. It can make a difference because the individual with dysphagia can cope better with their difficulties and has learnt new ways how to feed safely. It can make a difference for the individual whose dysphonia had changed their social and work life, and now, following therapy, can go back to their activities.

This Congress is an opportunity to help us reflect and appreciate what difference we make in people’s lives through our profession. We are indeed privileged, but it is also a privilege that comes with obligations. Let this Congress be an opportunity to continue acquiring knowledge, share our best practice with others and network with fellow colleagues from across Europe and beyond! We look forward that in September 2024 Bruges will turn into a city that celebrates the power of communication in the quality of life and showcase the great work that Speech and Language Therapists carry out. Thank you all!

Norma Camilleri

ESLA Chair


26 septembrie
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28 septembrie
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